The Truth: Illegal Immigration

Since I am talking about TRUTH, I may as well tell you that I have never posted a blog before. I honestly have no vision for what I expect of it other than focusing on the truth in my topics and not mere opinions. There seems to be so much opinion in the world that no one really knows what the truth is about a subject to make valid commentary. Perhaps, no one really cares. Well I do, and my aim is to see where it will lead me.

I am going to jump in to this blogging but this isn’t me writing a thesis. Rather, it is me hoping to discuss the basic part of the issue. I’m sure I will miss things but the goal is not include my personal opinion on the matter but discuss the subject as it stands outside of me.

Okay, so let’s take Illegal Immigration. This subject is in the news a lot and rightly so, but no one seems to focus on the issue but more their opinion in it. Obviously, it is a huge issue but Im curious on just the basics.

What is the problem, here? Well, overall it sounds as if the USA immigration system might need a reworking but currently there is a legal way and an illegal way to enter the USA, right? So, if you want to come to America and become a citizen, you would follow the process to do so. It isn’t about where you come from but here are the rules and if we want to go to a certain place that is how it goes. It may not be just that simple but that’s the gist of it.

If you waited in line at the movies and pay money to see a movie but I sneak in the back door and see the same movie for free, is that really just or legal? Some may say it is a genius move but the proper legal way is to pay, get your ticket and go see that movie. But if people don’t agree with a law does it make it right to just break it or would they work to change it?

So, if we need to fix the immigration system then that would be the conversation that should happen but it doesn’t seem fair, or just, to the other immigrants, who are currently working through the system, to sneak in the back door while they are waiting in line.


Author: Damon Shea

Currently, I operate a waste hauling and recycling company in Northeastern California and I am also working through an eMBA program. Per one of my courses we are emerging ourselves into social media and that is my main purpose behind blogging and all of the other social avenues that I am involved with. My blog will focus on the waste & recycling industry and any subject matter within. Born into the waste hauling business, I have been playing in and around garbage containers since a child and am not afraid to haul away what you throw out. As a leader/manager, I have found that it is the people who do the work and not the equipment, so I have focused on understanding all peoples, especially my team. About me personally, I am of Italian/Irish decent, Roman Catholic. I am the youngest of three children and am now married with a beautiful strong wife and two awesome girls. Through my job, I am a member of Rotary International and I also sit on the board of our local Chamber of Commerce. We are heavily involved with building up the community that we serve and will do all in power to make garbage and recycling an easy process. Together we can explore the myths and realities of the waste & recycling industry and perhaps still make the world a better place.

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