Winners v. Losers

Mindsets are one of the keys to success; and those wth a “winner” mindset v. a “loser” one, I find have gone farther our business. In fact, those with “loser” mindsets usually end up quitting or getting let go because they have not pulled their weight and the team gets frustrated with them. I write this tonight because I seemed to be plagued by those with a “loser” mindset and wanted to share a recent story. The faster that you can recognize this in a team member, or extended circle of your company, the better off you’ll be.

Now, I don’t have any huge tips on how to recognize them and ways to deal with them. I just know that when I come across the “loser” mindset, it is always a “can’t-do”, excuses driven for why things did not get done, etc. We can either blame our circumstances for how things fare or just accept them and work beyond them to still execute and complete the task at hand.

In the waste hauling business, it is not an option to not do a route that day. You have to get creative and find a way when the norm is not an option either. Whether it is vacation or sickness or whatever, we have either more or less people, depending, to get all of the work done that day. A “can’t-do” mindset is not an option and needs to be replaced or you will not fulfill your duties as a waste hauler. That “can’t-do” mindset to me is the “loser” mindset.

Recently, I went to a dealership to buy a chassis to replace one of our older trucks. Our sales rep was just finding a way to get me what I needed. He had given me different styles until we found the correct one that we needed for our truck. Then, he went in search to find that specific model for us to get it back to the dealership. Mid-way through our search, he ended up leaving the dealership and handed us over to new a sales rep. That is when everything changed.

The chassis now was not readily available for delivery for a few months. Nor was there calling around to other dealerships to make a trade to get one off their lot or anything as the other sales rep had done for us before. This confused me as they already had the sale and just needed to use their contacts. So, I had to go in search of the chassis myself and in a couple of weeks eventually found one at another dealership. We made the deal and case closed. No big thing, or so I thought…..until, the old sales rep contacted me.

See, I figured it was late in the year where the new ones were starting to come out and last year’s models were just harder to find on lots. Well, when the old sales rep contacted me, saying he moved back, is working at the dealership again, found the model chassis we wanted AND could have it here tomorrow, I got all fired up. WHAT?!?!?! “How can you come back and find the truck I just spent weeks looking for but the other sales rep said it would be 6 months?” Unreal!

Now, there might be more to this story than I know but I can tell you this – one sales rep found a way to get the customer what he wanted and the other sales rep gave reasons for not finding that chassis and did not make it happen. Simple as that!

Look around your circles and see if you can find those who make things happen, finding a way v. those who always have excuses and can never get it done. It is amazing; but when you need to have your team full of “winners”, you don’t have time for the “losers” as they fall behind, never fully complete their assignments and drag the team down. And when you have to be a team of “can-do’s”, you “can’t-do” with a “can’t-do”.


Author: Damon Shea

Currently, I operate a waste hauling and recycling company in Northeastern California and I am also working through an eMBA program. Per one of my courses we are emerging ourselves into social media and that is my main purpose behind blogging and all of the other social avenues that I am involved with. My blog will focus on the waste & recycling industry and any subject matter within. Born into the waste hauling business, I have been playing in and around garbage containers since a child and am not afraid to haul away what you throw out. As a leader/manager, I have found that it is the people who do the work and not the equipment, so I have focused on understanding all peoples, especially my team. About me personally, I am of Italian/Irish decent, Roman Catholic. I am the youngest of three children and am now married with a beautiful strong wife and two awesome girls. Through my job, I am a member of Rotary International and I also sit on the board of our local Chamber of Commerce. We are heavily involved with building up the community that we serve and will do all in power to make garbage and recycling an easy process. Together we can explore the myths and realities of the waste & recycling industry and perhaps still make the world a better place.

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