Orlando Shooting

Might as well share a thought on this sad incident. Not sure I could find someone who would support this action but I have read reports that say some cheered. To me, that is insane but to them I guess not. Anyway, it was a truly sad deal and I don’t understand why it had to happen?

So, one report says that he saw two guys kissing and it bothered him. Another said he was a supporter of ISIS and radical islam or radical anything. Either way, he killed many people and I bet most of them he didn’t even know. But why? Just because others did not have the same beliefs as his or they didn’t agree with him? I get it someone wants to blow second hand smoke in your face or drive drunk or do harm to another individual that maybe legal actions which has happened; but just because someone wants to like someone of the same sex or eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or whatever, why do others feel the need to attack and kill them?

Is it the threat against their way of life that makes them act out? Why can’t Christians and Muslims exist on the same planet in peace? Why can’t democrats and republicans see differently and still be friends? As long as you respect others beliefs, and that they are humans, why can’t we all add to the beauty of life versus starting horrific actions that kill others because they think differently? Maybe it is deep rooted fear that their way of life is not towards everyones liking and they can’t handle that? Wow, that is scary, as we are all different to some degree; and if we won’t accept someone who isn’t us, then I guess it will be a fight until one person remains on earth.


The Truth: Prisoners

As I mentioned before, this blogging is new to me and I am going to make the most of this. My goal is to discuss any issue hearing more facts and objective statements without people getting upset or having it take on a personal twist. When someone is too tied to an issue, they get upset and angry or they insult and push back really hard. Not here! Help me grapes a better understanding by adding comments that pertain to the matter at hand, so we can hear all sides without anyone getting overly excited. Then, we can leave the issue at the center and give everyone the ability to really allow the issue itself to resonate.

So, in my wife’s employment, she comes in contact with the prison system, as well as our refuse hauling company. After hearing many stories and touring a few facilities myself, I find it fascinating how it seems that prisoners have it pretty good in there, considering. Now, I am not talking statistics and figures, or detailing the actual living conditions, but from the fact of what they are provided. They get a roof over their head,  3 meals a day, healthcare, training, leisure time (TV) and other amenities. Yes, they are people and need to be treated as such but where do you draw the line? How good is too good a life in prison? To me, having TV would not make the cut but having more programs that teach them a trade seem good. They have to want to make this change as well but if it is too lush from them no one will ever want to leave.

Maybe I have not pondered the issue enough but I know people who work hard to make ends meet, live a decent crime-free lifestyle, yet do not have it as well as some of these prisoners do. It just seems that by breaking the law and going to prison, one should not have it that much better than if they were free. Period. Maybe they should get a stipend and have to budget that amount for how they live, just as many do outside of prison. If you overspend, you don’t eat until you get your next stipend. They can work at the facility as well, to earn additional perks, but they pay for their own healthcare plan, food, leisure time, etc. Their healthcare would be the same as it would be for anyone in that state who could afford it in that range. Then, there could also be demand for certain school type projects and hard labor hours to earn good behavior. I just think if there is no incentive to leave the system, many will find a way to remain in it.

So, maybe as a prisoner they do not have the choice of when they get to do anything but if they have all of these rights to this lifestyle when in there, what is the point of putting them in there in the first place? I am not saying that it should be Château d’If or Alcatraz but if you make it Club Med and don’t take a vested interest in challenging them to become improved individuals, then it seems that they will just keep coming back.

The Truth: Illegal Immigration

Since I am talking about TRUTH, I may as well tell you that I have never posted a blog before. I honestly have no vision for what I expect of it other than focusing on the truth in my topics and not mere opinions. There seems to be so much opinion in the world that no one really knows what the truth is about a subject to make valid commentary. Perhaps, no one really cares. Well I do, and my aim is to see where it will lead me.

I am going to jump in to this blogging but this isn’t me writing a thesis. Rather, it is me hoping to discuss the basic part of the issue. I’m sure I will miss things but the goal is not include my personal opinion on the matter but discuss the subject as it stands outside of me.

Okay, so let’s take Illegal Immigration. This subject is in the news a lot and rightly so, but no one seems to focus on the issue but more their opinion in it. Obviously, it is a huge issue but Im curious on just the basics.

What is the problem, here? Well, overall it sounds as if the USA immigration system might need a reworking but currently there is a legal way and an illegal way to enter the USA, right? So, if you want to come to America and become a citizen, you would follow the process to do so. It isn’t about where you come from but here are the rules and if we want to go to a certain place that is how it goes. It may not be just that simple but that’s the gist of it.

If you waited in line at the movies and pay money to see a movie but I sneak in the back door and see the same movie for free, is that really just or legal? Some may say it is a genius move but the proper legal way is to pay, get your ticket and go see that movie. But if people don’t agree with a law does it make it right to just break it or would they work to change it?

So, if we need to fix the immigration system then that would be the conversation that should happen but it doesn’t seem fair, or just, to the other immigrants, who are currently working through the system, to sneak in the back door while they are waiting in line.